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Climb At Home with Rise Nation’s Vertical Climbing Workout
Rise Nation Philippines is the first vertical climbing boutique fitness gym in Asia. We rose to prominence when LeBron famously called the vertical climber his girlfriend.

So, why Rise Nation?

  • Short & effective. Proven to burn 600-800 calories in 30 minutes. This single-action workout engages all major muscle groups simultaneously, resulting in a powerful finish in the shortest time possible.
  • High-intensity & zero-impact. Climbing keeps the body upright, aligned, and balanced. It delivers a heart-pumping routine while simultaneously avoiding strain and injury which makes it accessible to those who suffer from joint pain.
  • Customizable Workouts. Both Levels 1 & 2 last for 30 minutes and are suited for beginners & intermediate climbers. Level 3 is lengthened to 45 minutes for advanced climbers ready for that extra push!
Created by L.A.-based celebrity trainer & movement specialist Jason Walsh, who trains Hollywood A-listers Chris Evans, Jennifer Aniston, & Mandy Moore just to name a few, this brilliant workout is so simple: It’s the only HIIT, full-body workout that burns and sculpts in 30 minutes! Now that’s an efficient workout that burns twice the amount in half the time.

Here are some details on our Climb@Home Program, inclusions:

Sanitation, Delivery, & Pick-up of a vertical climber Unlimited 24/7 Access to Pre-recorded classes. We add 1-2 new classes weekly. We need a flat area of 3 sqm and standard ceiling clearance of 8″ Installed with stabilizer mounts that secures the climber while you workout The rental is at P20K/ monthly, for a three-month period.

In case you or your friends are interested, you may book your rentals here