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Why Rise Nation Is The Best Full-Body Cardio Studio
First came the boutique shops. Then came the boutique hotels. Believing that things always occur in threes, the final bit in the roster is the emergence of boutique fitness gyms. They’ve been sprouting all over Metro Manila, and at the rate they’re growing, it’s evident that spending long hours in the gym are over.

Fitness 2.0: A New Breed of Gym

As a fan of anything quick-service and boutique, this new breed of gym appeals to me. But as a fitness newbie in search of the best full-body shindig, the question remains, are they truly the efficient choice?

Boutique fitness gyms are defined as specializing in group exercises targeted in one or two areas of concentration and are considerably smaller in stature than their mainstream counterparts. But what they lack in square footage, they make up mostly in intention & time-saving functionality. Also, they seem to attract the time-conscious and community-loving individuals with money to burn.

A New Fitness Player in the Arena

When strapped for time or given a choice, I would pick the workout that brings out my inner beast and burns the most in the least possible time.

While cycling seems to be super popular and all the rage now, the new player in the arena is Rise Nation, the workout created by Hollywood celebrity fitness and movement expert, Jason Walsh.

Rise Nation is THE cardio of choice of NBA superstar Lebron James. Hollywood fitness diehards like Jen Aniston and Mandy Moore, known in their industry, not only for their acting chops but also their lithe physiques. And Mark Cuban is said to do a mean Level 2 Climb. I’m not there yet, but the 30 minute limit has kept me rising to the challenge!

The Promise: Burn 600 cals in 30 mins

So, the magic number is a minimum 600 calorie burn in half an hour for this full-body workout. Rise Nation is made complete with sexy light installations and the hippest music blasting from the speakers, curated by no less than their instructors. Inside their studio, it’s just that- Experience the moment when it’s just you, the machine… and one hell of a climb.

Steaming 30-minutes nothing short of breathless exhilaration. Every single time.